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  • Brakes

    Wednesday 10 July 2019

    Brake! Brake! Brake! As we drive down the highway in our vehicles we sometimes take for granted the safety systems that keep us safe. Your vehicle braking system is by far one of the most important! At today's interstate highway speeds knowing your brake system is 100% healthy isn't something you want to take for granted.Vacation season is in full swing and with it the traffic congestion it causes. We've all been in those situations where we're cruising alo... read more

  • Vehicle Disinfection

    Wednesday 03 April 2019

    HOW GERMY IS YOUR VEHICLE? The average passenger vehicle is home to Millions of Harmful Bacteria and it can take as few as One to Make You Sick! Think about it! We all know that when we drive our vehicles we're sneezing, coughing, or even bleeding. Lets face it our vehicles are perfect breeding grounds for germs and other harmful bacteria.  We here at Zimmerman's Automotive have the perfect solution to take care of this s... read more


    Wednesday 06 March 2019

    Spring and Summer are just around the corner. I know here in the beginning of March and it's hard to think about the a/c system in your vehicle, but before you know it we'll be switching from our heater system to our a/c systems. Do you know if yours is going to work? Unfortunately most don't answer that question till we need our a/c on those hot Pennsylvania days! Call us and make an appointment to have us perform an "A/C Perf... read more

  • Battery Replacement

    Monday 21 January 2019

    Should I replace my Battery Yes or No, Batteries age over time and do have a specific lifespan. Even the best of batteries will gradually deteriorate till at some point they won't start your vehicle. Guessing when that is can be difficult to determine, but conditions that can deteriorate how long a vehicle battery last are cars being driven mostly on short trips, high under hood temperatures, extreme cold conditions, vibration, and overcharging. So how d... read more

  • Tires

    Monday 03 December 2018

    Tires, Tires, Tires! Was this what your vehicle looked like in the snow this past November? The heavy snowfall coming early this year caught a lot of people off guard and there were many vehicles that couldn't handle the road conditions due to poor tires. You may not realize it, but Zimmerman's Automotive Service is your one stop tire expert. We install many tires throughout the year and carry tire makes like Goodyear, Bridgeston... read more

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