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Safety Inspection

PA Safety Inspection

Do you know how long the Pennsylvania Safety inspection program has existed? the safety inspection program has been around for a really long time. It was started in 1928 as a voluntary program and followed soon there after with the mandatory program we have today. That puts the program at 90 years old as April of 2018! At Zimmerman's Automotive we've been doing safety inspections in Mechanicsburg, PA since 1958.

The Importance of Safety Inspection

Making sure your vehicle is safe for the road is our number goal here at Zimmerman's Automotive. Safety Inspection is an important tool to accomplish that goal. Our technicians are required to re-certify every 5 years to maintain their inspection license and our shop is audited every 2 years to make sure we follow the State Regulations. All this to give our customers peace of mind that their vehicles are safe for their families to operate.

Safety Inspection and Today's Vehicles

Some may argue that with the safety features installed on the new vehicles today there isn't as much need for safety inspection. While we would agree that the new safety technology is amazing, without periodic inspection of those systems, they could become very unsafe. Currently we are training on these new systems to be sure we're able to address our customers needs.

Zimmerman's Automotive is your PA Safety Inspection Expert in Mechanicsburg PA.