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Battery Replacement

Should I replace my Battery Yes or No,

Batteries age over time and do have a specific lifespan. Even the best of batteries will gradually deteriorate till at some point they won't start your vehicle.

Guessing when that is can be difficult to determine, but conditions that can deteriorate how long a vehicle battery last are cars being driven mostly on short trips, high under hood temperatures, extreme cold conditions, vibration, and overcharging.

So how do you tell if your vehicle's battery is getting weak? There isn't any exact science to predict battery weakness other than testing it with an approved battery tester. There are a few things though you might notice to indicate a weak battery. Issues with the vehicle cranking over slower or the headlights dimming at idling are a couple of those indicators that could mean you should start looking for a new battery.

What we here at Zimmerman's Automotive recommend, is stopping by for us to perform a free battery check up to let you know the health of your vehicle battery. We carry the specific battery your car needs and can offer you different choices based upon your needs.

So stop by or call us to add this service to your appointment so we can keep you from hearing that click when you go to start your vehicle on that cold, dark, and rainy night!

Keeping your vehicle safely and dependably running  for your traveling needs!

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